There are a total of 26 nature trails in Espoo, of which the city maintains nine. These city-maintained trails are located in various parts of Espoo, and give a great overall picture of the versatility and richness of local nature.

The trails are marked with paint markers and nature trail signs. The nature trails are not maintained in winter and do not have waste management. The nature and other hikers will thank you when you bring your waste from the nature to appropriate waste collection points.

Along the nature trails, you will find information boards presenting the nature of the area and its special features. Information about other outdoor routes can be found on the Outdoor routes page.

Open fires and camping are not allowed on nature trails. Allowed camping areas can be found on the Camping and hiking page. Before your trip, also read the Outdoor Etiquette(external link) prepared by Metsähallitus.

Pictures and information about Espoo’s nature trails and other nature sites have been compiled on the Kotinurkilta kallioille — Espoon luontokohteet website and in a book of the same name (in Finnish).

Nature trails in Espoo can also be found in the Espoo Map Service(external link).

City of Espoo nature trails

Other nature trails in Espoo