City of Espoo’s contact information and feedback service

You can contact our customer service by phone, online, or in person. If you have questions or would like to give feedback, you can use our feedback service.

Espoo Info, Switchboard

Tel. +358 9 81621
Mon–Fri 8:30–16:00

City employees’ email addresses:


Would you like to give feedback or ask us something? Go to the City of Espoo’s feedback service.

Espoo has a feedback channel for young people(external link), which can also be used to submit initiatives.

Registry Office

The City of Espoo Registry Office records matters concerning decision-making. Mail intended for the City Council or the City Board is sent via the Registry Office.


On the Invoices to and from the City of Espoo webpage you can find more detailed information on invoicing the city or receiving invoices from the city.

Customer service and online services

You can contact the city whenever it suits you best. You can take care of matters online, at one of our Service Points, or through the city’s chat service.

Find service locations on the Service Map

Use the Service Map(external link) to find a service location’s address and other contact information.

Services A–Z

Browse the city’s services in alphabetical order.

City’s decision-making bodies

Espoo’s highest decision-making bodies are the City Council and the City Board. The duties in these bodies are carried out by elected officials.

Communications and media services

Contact details of the City of Espoo’s communications staff for media representatives.