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Welcome to the webpages of the Espoo liikkuu community! Espoo offers thousands of opportunities for exercise. Find a new hobby or enjoy sports in your own way. Join us now! #EspooLiikkuu

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Sports hobbies for children and teenagers

We organize sports for children and young people together with Espoo sports clubs, associations, and sports industry companies. A variety of different species are available!

Exercise groups for seniors and working-age residents

We offer high-quality, easily accessible exercise groups for people from Espoo, for whom regular exercise is particularly important in terms of health. Exercise instructors run exercise groups in different parts of Espoo. All activities are free or reasonably priced.

Adapted physical activity for people with special needs

We want to ensure that all Espoo residents have equal opportunities for exercise and movement. Groups are intended for people who have difficulties participating in general exercise groups due to a disability, illness, or another type of impaired capacity. Get to know our classes in adapted physical activity.

Espoo is a pioneer in digital exercise and sports

With digital solutions we develop new ways to move and exercise. We cooperate with local residents, companies and associations.

Come and support top-level athletes in Espoo!


12.8.2023 11.00 – 14.00 EET/EESTNature House Villa Elfvik
  • Nature
  • Residence
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Environment
  • Physical training
  • Tapiola
  • Leppävaara
25.8.2023 18.00 – 20.00 EET/EESTChildren's Cultural Centre Aurora
  • Cultural events
  • Physical training
  • Espoon keskus
  • Kalajärvi
  • Leppävaara
5.9.2023 13.30 – 15.30 EET/EESTSello Hall
  • Dance (performing arts)
  • Music
  • Cultural events
  • Physical training
  • Leppävaara