Early childhood education

The City of Espoo provides multiform early childhood education for children under school age, and pre-primary education for those of the pre-primary education age. The goal of early childhood education is to promote the age- and development-appropriate overall growth, development, health and well-being of each child as well as to support the preconditions of the child’s learning. Early childhood education is implemented in an entity formed by care, upbringing and teaching.
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Early childhood education service guidance

Finnish early childhood education service guidance

+358 9 81631000Mailing address PL 3125 02070 Espoon kaupunki

Contact information

Mondays 9-13 am
Tuesdays 9-13 am 
Wednesdays 9-13 am
Thursdays 13-16 pm
Fridays 9-13 am

The service guidance team gives families advice on how to apply for early childhood education and on matters related to childcare allowances.

Early childhood education fees

+358 9 81627400The income statement with the necessary attachments can be sent to: Espoon Kaupunki, Talousyksikkö, Varhaiskasvatuksen laskutus, PL 30, 02070 Espoon kaupunki.

Contact information
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday  9-12 

There are 5 options to choose from:

1. Swedish-language day care
2. Leppävaara
3. Tapiola and Matinkylä-Olari
4. Espoonlahti
5. Espoo Centre

NB. Our telephone system will change on 30.11. Disruptions may occur during the initial commissioning phase.