Early childhood education fees

The client fees for municipal early childhood education are determined as a percentage of the family’s gross income. The fees vary according to family size, income and care hours from care completely free of charge to a monthly payment of max. €288 per child.

The family submits an income declaration about their current  gross income.

You can provide us your income statement by identifying with Suomi.fi codes in eVaka(extrernal link). Please note that every adult in your family has to identify themselves with personal identification in the system.

The income declaration is not needed if the family agrees to pay the highest fee.
The highest early childhood education fee must also be paid if the family does not provide the required income information from both guardians or the information is incomplete.

The family is obliged to report all changes in its income. A reduction or exemption based on incorrect information will be recovered retrospectively as early childhood education fees.

A client relationship with debt counselling is not a prerequisite for the reduction of or exemption from early childhood education fees. If early childhood education fees have been taken into account in the debt restructuring calculation confirmed by the district court, the city will use the early childhood education fees referred to in the calculation.

The city has the right to verify the family’s information in the Population Information Register, from Kela and other authorities in accordance with Section 17 of the Act on Client Fees in Early Childhood Education and Care (1503/2016).

The guardians receive a written decision about the early childhood education fees.

The fees are invoiced in the middle of the month following the provision of the service. 

Early education fees as of 1 August 2021

Early education fees as of 1 August 2022

Other things to consider

Club activities are free of charge. Participation in club activities does not affect Kela's home care allowance.
The operation of the resident parks is open and free of charge, and no pre-registration is required. During the school year, a snack subject to a fee is offered to the children. Further information on the snack, contact the instructors at the residents’ parks.

Early childhood education fees

Early childhood education fees

+358 9 816 27400The income statement with the necessary attachments can be sent to: Espoon Kaupunki, Talousyksikkö, Varhaiskasvatuksen laskutus, PL 30, 02070 Espoon kaupunki.

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+358 9 816 27401The income statement and the necessary enclosures can be sent to the following address: City of Espoo, Financial Administration, Early Education Invoicing, P.O. Box 30, 02070 City of Espoo

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