Frequently asked questions

Who can apply for a grant? Where can I check the application periods? 

Annual grants may be applied for by professional art and cultural institutions as well as basic art education institutes and local heritage and cultural associations in Espoo. Project grants may also be applied for by private individuals and working groups. Art grants are intended for professional artists in Espoo, irrespective of the form of art. 

Please read the application instructions and the terms and conditions of grants carefully. You can check the application periods from the website of each grant type.

How should I submit the application to the City of Espoo?

Project grants may be applied for via the online service. You must log in to the service using your online banking credentials or the Mobile Certificate. Online application also includes annual grants for local heritage associations and cultural associations of Espoo.

Other cultural grants such as art grants and annual grants for professional art and cultural organisations are applied for using the pdf application form, which is submitted to the City of Espoo Registry Office with all the attachments required. Up-to-date forms can be downloaded from the website of cultural grants.

Where can I get advice on how to write an application? 

Information about the objectives of culture grants is available on this website. We organise Cultural Grants Clinics during the application period. More information about these events is available on our website and through KulttuuriEspoo’s social media channels. 

You can also ask questions by email: In addition, you can call the persons preparing the grant matters for advice on how to find the right grant form and application. 

For what purposes are grants available? Are grants available for subculture events? 

Grants are available for three purposes: 

  • annual grants to support the activities of art and cultural communities or associations in Espoo 
  • project grants for cultural events and projects and for cultural well-being projects in Espoo 
  • art grants for professional artistic work 

Grants are also available for subculture events. New and fresh ideas are always welcome. 

Can a specific party receive several grants or are new grant recipients selected each time?

Annual grants support long-term activities, which means that the same professional organisations and associations may receive grants over several years. 

With regard to project grants and art grants, the content of the project and work are the key aspects, but repeated grants are usually not awarded to the same applicant for similar activities. The reason for this is to ensure fairness. Another aim is to support new operators as well as events and projects that add something new to Espoo’s cultural offering.

What are the criteria for awarding grants? How are the applications assessed? 

Applications are assessed in terms of artistic quality and whether the project can be implemented successfully. The projects have to be open and encourage Espoo residents to participate. 

The assessment criteria are based on the objectives of the city’s strategy, known as the Espoo Story, and the CultureEspoo 2030 programme approved by the City Council. 

How are the decisions on grants made? 

The City of Espoo Culture Committee decides on grants of over EUR 3,000 and the Cultural Director decides on grants of up to EUR 3,000. The committee makes decisions approximately five times a year and the Cultural Director on a monthly basis.

How much money is awarded in the form of grants? How much money may an individual project receive? 

In recent years, the amount of money allocated to project grants and art grants has varied between EUR 300,000 and EUR 400,000. The average amount granted to a project is about EUR 3,000, but the projects and the amounts vary. 

In 2021, approximately EUR 11 million was awarded as annual grants to 100 professional actors and associations in Espoo. 

Where does the money for culture grants come from? 

Culture grants come from the City of Espoo’s allocated funds, in other words public funds. For this reason, the accessibility of cultural services in Espoo is an important criterion when making decisions.

What do I need to do if I receive a culture grant? 

Each applicant will receive a decision by email or mail. The Culture Committee’s minutes and officer-holder decisions are also published on the City of Espoo website

Grants are usually paid into the applicant’s bank account approximately one month after the decision. 

After the project has ended, a report on the use of the grant must be sent to the Cultural Unit. Instructions and the form are available on this website. Reporting back by the deadline is an obligation of the grant receiver. A missing report can prevent the possibility of receiving new grants.

May I use the City of Espoo logo when communicating about the project for which I received a grant?

Yes. Whenever possible, grant recipients should add the City of Espoo and KulttuuriEspoo logo to their communication and marketing materials. The logos are available on the page for grant recipients. Grant recipients must always mention the City of Espoo as a supporter of their event.