Report on the use of the grant

The grant recipient must submit a report on the use of the grant to the Cultural Unit by the given date. The date will depend on the grant awarded. Please see details of the application groups below.

The report on the use of the grant is sent as an e-mail attachment to link).

The downloadable PDF forms are intended to be filled with either free Adobe Reader software or paid Adobe Acrobat software. Otherwise, they cannot be guaranteed to work. We recommend that you save the form to your own computer as you fill it in.

Visibility of the City of Espoo in communications 

The logos of both the City of Espoo and Culture Espoo should be used in the communications related to the activities or event that assistance has been granted for. Choose the right logo for the intended use.

City of Espoo logotypes(extrernal link)
CultureEspoo logotypes(extrernal link)

Please note that the Culture Espoo logo is used in black on a white background (positive) or in white on a black background (negative).

Culture Espoo has social media accounts on Facebook(extrernal link), Twitter (extrernal link)and Instagram(extrernal link). Social media and other online communications can use the hashtag #CultureEspoo. You can also tag us in a post @kulttuuriespoo.