Online application for cultural grants

Online application includes project grants and annual grants for art and cultural associations and local heritage associations

You must log in to the service using your online banking credentials or the Mobile Certificate.

If you are applying as a registered community, during your first log-in, enter the basic information about the organisation and the personal information of the responsible person as well as the community rules and board information as mandatory appendices. After this, you can fill in, sign and submit the application through the system. The community is responsible for the correctness of the information and its updates.

Please Note! Banking Protection may prevent the uploading of attachments when you add the information about the community. You must disable the protection before uploading attachments.

If you are applying as a private individual or work group, please enter your basic information using the application form. The basic information of private individuals and work groups is application-specific and must always be entered again when making a new application.

Until further notice, use the PDF forms to apply for other types of culture grants or create reports for all types of grants.