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  1. News

    Carbon footprint of consumption in Espoo analysed for the first time – “The broader knowledge base will support the municipality’s climate work”


    In Espoo, the total greenhouse gas emissions from consumption in 2020 were 9.02 t CO2e per capita. The results reveal the emissions from the activities of the municipality and its residents that are...

    • Sustainability
    • Climate
  2. News

    Espoo robot bus experiments pave the way for automated road transport


    Robot buses that will slash public transport costs may cruise around the streets of Espoo among other traffic in about 2030, predicts a recent report on robot buses.

    • Urban development
    • Sustainability
  3. News

    Espoo residents are encouraged in many ways to get vaccinated against coronavirus


    This week, Espoo residents will receive text messages that encourage them to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. It is also possible to get vaccinated without booking an appointment at the Iso...

    • Covid
  4. News

    Record number of dwellings built in Espoo


    In 2021, a record number of dwellings were completed in Espoo: 5,482. This is more than ever before and noticeably more than the previous year (4,081 flats).

    • Urban development
  5. News

    Internship turned into a permanent job


    Electrical Engineering Specialist Tommy Alho works for the City of Espoo. In his first post as an intern with the city, he already got to perform a wide range of engineering tasks.

    • Work for Espoo
  6. News

    Distance learning no longer organised in the capital region


    The capital region municipalities have decided to stop organising distance learning because the infectious disease authorities, as a rule, no longer issue isolation decisions based on which distance...

    • Covid
    • Growth and Learning
    • Basic Education
  7. News

    The need for housing services for young people with disabilities will increase


    The need for intensive sheltered housing for people with disabilities will increase in the future. Young people value a quiet neighborhood that is close to nature and with good transport connections...

  8. News

    The Sirens’ architecture and pollinators attracted visitors to KAMU museums in 2021 despite the pandemic


    Among the highlights of KAMU Espoo City Museum in 2021 were “Everything and Nothing – Architects Kaija + Heikki Siren” at WeeGee Exhibition Centre and the “Hero Pollinators” exhibition at Glims...

    • History
  9. News

    Webinar series: First steps towards circularity for SME’s


    Is your company interested in taking the first steps towards a sustainable business model? Are you familiar with circular economy business models, and are you aware of the business opportunities...

    • Sustainability
    • Entrepreneusrship
  10. News

    The Helsinki Metropolitan Area coronavirus coordination group recommends the gradual easing of restrictions on low-risk premises - the load on social and health care remains high


    The load placed by the coronavirus pandemic on social and health care services in the Helsinki metropolitan area has remained high and non-urgent activities have had to be largely reduced. At the...

    • Covid
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