General upper secondary education

Espoo’s general upper secondary schools are not just any schools. In general upper secondary school, students study a variety subjects. You can choose from a wide range of motivating studies. Our schools offer inspiration, support and prospects for everyone’s needs and dreams. We also offer opportunities for specialisation – in sciences, arts, sports and internationality. Welcome to our schools!

General upper secondary education in Espoo

Espoo has ten Finnish-language upper secondary schools and one Swedish-language upper secondary school. Both the Swedish-language upper secondary school (Mattlidens gymnasium) and one of the Finnish-language upper secondary schools (Etelä-Tapiolan lukio) offer the International Baccalaureate programme, where the language of instruction is English.


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What do Espoo upper secondary schools offer?

Modern learning environments near you. A local school is a smart choice also from the point of view of the daily commute.

International cooperation and projects.

Close cooperation with universities and universities of applied sciences. Opportunity to get a taste of higher education and a possibility to complete higher education courses.

All the City of Espoo’s upper secondary schools offer opportunities to specialise.

Espoo upper secondary schools allow you to select studies from other upper secondary schools, guaranteeing a comprehensive study offering.