For people arriving in Espoo from Ukraine

Have you arrived in Finland from Ukraine? If you are a Ukrainian citizen and have arrived in Finland because of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, you can currently stay in the country without a visa, apply for temporary protection or submit an asylum application.

Ви приїхали до Фінляндії з України?

Ukraine Help Center Espoo offers guidance and information for Ukrainian refugees, welcome!

We have compiled answers to the most common questions. We provide information also in Ukrainian.

  • You can stay in Finland for three months without a visa if you have a biometric passport.
  • People fleeing the war in Ukraine should apply for temporary protection. You can apply for temporary protection by visiting a police service point.
  • If you wish to apply for asylum, you will need to do it personally through the police. As an asylum seeker, you can be offered accommodation in a reception centre, if necessary, and you have the right to reception services.
  • If you are eligible to apply for a residence permit on other grounds (e.g. family ties or employment), you can apply for a residence permit on these grounds.
  • Instructions on arriving in Finland from Ukraine(external link)
  • Living in a reception centre(external link) and Staying in private accommodation(external link)
  • We also recommend that you check out the website, which provides information for people moving to and living in Finland.
  • The authorities want to help everyone arriving in Finland and ensure that their stay in our country is safe.

Temporary protection

Temporary protection is intended for persons fleeing the war in Ukraine. The purpose of temporary protection is to provide people with protection quickly. People fleeing the war in Ukraine should apply for temporary protection. Applications for temporary protection are processed at a considerably faster rate than asylum applications.

Temporary protection for those fleeing Ukraine(external link)

What kind of health and social services are available to Ukrainians in Espoo?

The right to municipal services is determined by the person’s residence status. Every person residing in the municipality has the right to receive essential health and social services regardless of their residence status.

Asylum seekers and people who have been granted temporary protection receive health and social services at the reception centre.

Early childhood education, Basic education and Youth

Employment services

If you have been granted a residence permit on the basis of temporary protection, you are allowed to work and study in Finland without restrictions. You can register as a jobseeker at the TE Office (Uusimaa TE Office, Sello Shopping Centre, 2nd floor). You are also entitled to the services provided by TE Offices.

During temporary protection, you are entitled to undergo an initial assessment and draw up an integration plan at the TE Office. You can also participate in integration training. Furthermore, you are entitled to services in accordance with the Act on Public Employment and Business Service, including:

  • employment services
  • information and advisory services
  • competence and professional skills surveys
  • assessment of working ability
  • vocational guidance and career planning, work try-outs and a wage subsidy.

Those provided with temporary protection are not entitled to a labour market subsidy.

If you have applied for asylum, you are allowed to find paid employment after either three or six months have passed following your application for asylum. The waiting period is three months if you have presented a valid passport or other travel document to the authorities, and it has been verified as genuine. The waiting period is six months if you have not presented a travel document.

If you do not have a residence permit, you are only allowed to work in a strictly limited number of positions, which are defined in the Aliens Act.

You are allowed to work when you apply for temporary protection(external link)

More information about working is available on the TE Office’s website.(external link) (in Finnish)

Business services

Business Espoo provides advice on entrepreneurial matters to those arriving from Ukraine. You can contact Business Espoo either by calling the number +358 50 5130321 or sending an email to

HSL public transport 

Ukrainian passport holders can travel free of charge on HSL public transport from Friday 4 March to 31 October. The passengers simply need to show their passport, no other ticket is required. 

Free travel is also allowed for those who have a certificate of seizure of passport issued by the police, border control authorities or the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri). The certificate bears a stamp of the issuing authority and a scanned copy of passport. 

Recreational opportunities in Espoo