Karakallion koulu

Karakallion koulu is a lower secondary school where we commit to achieve good basic skills for further education. Our aims are to have a positive attitude to life and to support students' development in a versatile way. We also have a strong tradition on music education in Karakallion koulu. Active Music Classes have created a great concert, musical and festive culture.

Contact information

Karakallion kouluKotkakuja 5,02620 Espoo

Postal address:P.O. Box 3121, 02070 ESPOO CITY

Contact persons

Principal Miia Muurinen +358 40 186 2354 miia.muurinen@espoo.fi

Apulaisrehtori Susanna Koponen +358 40 639 3026 susanna.m.koponen@opetus.espoo.fi

Apulaisrehtori Anu Heinaro +358 40 636 9493 anu.heinaro@opetus.espoo.fi

Koulusihteeri Anna Sinisalo +358 40 636 9110 anna.sinisalo@espoo.fi


Karakallion koulu`s website

Anna palautetta(external link)

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