KAMU Espoo City Museum

Five museums and thousands of stories.

Five museums across Espoo

In KAMU's museums, you can get to know the history of Espoo, architecture, a fisherman's farm in the archipelago, schooling etc. more than a hundred years ago.

Thousands of stories stored in the museum's collections.

If you need pictures of the Espoonkartano gentry’s coffee parties, the pearls of Tapiola garden city architecture or the everyday life of the suburbs in Kirstinmäki for example, contact KAMU.

The collections include a fire truck, jukebox, feather boa, senator jackets, potash soap, fancy dresses, Barbie shoes and tens of thousands of other items from the five centuries.

Various documents, maps, building drawings and oral tradition materials are stored in the KAMU museum archive. The collections also include print products, magazines and books as well as some audio-visual material.

Past centuries can be seen in Espoo's landscape, built environment and archaeological finds.