Espoon yhteislyseo

Espoon yhteislyseo Upper Secondary School is a friendly public school with about 650 students. We are located in Kera next to the train station, providing easy access to the city of Espoo and the capital, Helsinki. We treat every student as an individual. Here you can participate actively and make an impact. EYL will give you the wings to a good life, a sustainable future and the world! Contact Information: Principal Saila Posti-Lindström: saila.posti-lindstrom (at), +358505184301 International Affairs Coordinator and English Teacher Anna Puhakka: anna.puhakka (at) Kutojantie 2D, PL 3535, 02360 City of Espoo, Finland

Who we are

EYL has an open-minded atmosphere and a great team spirit. We encourage individuality, creativity and active global citizenship in school work and try to arouse the students’ interest by innovative teaching methods and a positive atmosphere.


EYL offers students a safe environment to acquire a good general education. In addition to sports and a healthy lifestyle, instruction emphasizes entrepreneurship, global citizenship, sustainable development and social skills for the future. We have an exceptionally large number of school-specific study units that will prepare you for further studies and challenges in modern work life while encouraging you to become active members of society.

Participate and make an impact

Our school values curiosity and global active citizenship. At EYL you can become a tutor, volunteer, organize charity and other events, or try your hand at entrepreneurship. By taking some of the several school-specific study units that we offer, you can improve your language skills and gain versatile experience in different cultures and science. We are also an official school of the UN school network and we have lots of international projects.