School admissions

On this page, you can find instructions for applying to a comprehensive school and information on weighted-curriculum education.

Current news

School place decisions for new first-graders to be published as of 2 May

Local school decisions of upcoming 7th-graders made

More information

Sara Raitala

Secretary of Pupil Administration040 507 0817

Enrolment in comprehensive school (grades 1-6) and school admission

Noora Järvi

System Planner040 636 9154

Enrolment in comprehensive school (grades 7-9) and school admission

Ilham Hamdouni

Coordinator046 877 3293

In-service guidance for teachers of language and cultural groups, pupil admission to preparatory education for basic education

Special education services

040 636 9198

Support for learning and school-going, applying for special support, decision-making, advice.

Due to congestion, telephone advice is not available at this time. Please contact by email at

Advice is available over the phone Mon–Thu 15:00–16:00. More information and call requests at other times, tel. +358 40 505 2953.