School admissions

On this page, you can find instructions for applying to a comprehensive school and information on weighted-curriculum education.

More information

Sara Raitala

Secretary of Pupil Administration040 507 0817

Enrolment in comprehensive school (grades 1-6) and school admission

Noora Järvi

System Planner040 636 9154

Enrolment in comprehensive school (grades 7-9) and school admission

Ilham Hamdouni

Coordinator046 877 3293

Pupil admission to preparatory education for basic education and guidance

Special education services

Support for learning and school-going, applying for special support, decision-making, advice.

Please contact primarily the principal of the school in matters of special education.

Guidance in special education services is currently congested, so responses may take longer than usual. Please contact us primarily by email. In urgent matters, you can contact the secretary of the education support services by calling +358 40 505 2953.