Sports Services offers diverse guided sports services for seniors. The objective of guided exercise for seniors is the maintenance and improvement of the physical condition, improvement of the ability to function and refreshment. The selection includes different fitness classes, gym training and water exercise. The 68+ sports wristband for Espoo residents is issued at the start of the year during which the recipient turns 68 years old. Benefits of the 68+ sports card: - Use of indoor swimming pools in Espoo free of charge - An accompanying friend free of charge: A person using the sports card can take an accompanying friend swimming free of charge in the indoor swimming pools of the City of Espoo. The accompanying friend can be any adult who takes an Espoo resident with a 68+ card swimming. The accompanying friend can be, for example, a grown-up child, another relative or a friend. - Free use of gyms of Espoo Sports Services during independent training periods - Free gym equipment guidance - Guided senior and special groups of Sports Services free of charge (in guided exercise groups, admittance is based on order of enrolment) - Regional free 68+ sports clubs (no need to sign up in advance) - Free use of the Espoo archipelago boat traffic! During summer, you get to enjoy the beautiful Espoo archipelago. It is possible to get an assistant code to the 68+ wristband.

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