Ukraine causes concern but we are preparing for the situation

11.3.2022 14.04Updated: 17.3.2022 6.22

The world changed overnight when Russia attacked Ukraine on Thursday 24 February. The war in the middle of Europe has shocked us all. At the same time, we are united in our commitment to support Ukraine.

“We are preparing to receive Ukrainians fleeing the war. Many people are very upset about the situation and they worry about their families, friends and relatives in the midst of war. We must all take care of each other,” says Mayor Jukka Mäkelä.

Espoo has zero tolerance towards discrimination and inappropriate treatment of others. At the same time, we are preparing for possible threats. We want to reassure people and give them strength in this serious situation.

We are preparing to receive people who have fled Ukraine

Preparing for various disturbances is part of the city’s basic activities. Our city is also preparing to receive Ukrainian refugees. We will focus on helping children, young people and families seeking asylum. In the future, information for people arriving in Espoo will be available in Ukrainian on the Hello Espoo website.

We are currently reviewing our preparedness concerning, for example, telecommunications connections, the functioning of hospitals, and communication channels. We follow discussions on social media and intervene in inappropriate behaviour. We operate in various authority networks.

Information on home preparedness is available on the 72 hours website(external link). You can also read the National Emergency Supply Agency’s answers to topical questions(external link).

Espoo is multicultural and we support each other

People from Ukraine, Russia and many other countries live, work and study in Espoo. They are all part of the Espoo community. We must all be able to live together in our city. A spirit of community and mutual support will give us strength in these trying times.

We hope that no one takes their own anxiety or fears out on other Espoo residents, whatever their background. The situation in Ukraine is not the fault of anyone living in Espoo. If you notice discriminatory behaviour, you should address it immediately.

It is perfectly understandable that everyone wants to keep up with the news. However, you might consider limiting the time you spend following the news as the constant stream of war reports may increase your anxiety. If you are anxious about the situation in Ukraine, you do not have to be alone with your thoughts and feelings. Help is available for anyone wanting to discuss their concerns. Support is also available for children and young people.

How to support Ukraine

We encourage you to support the activities of the Finnish Red Cross, for example, by signing up as a box collector or donating money to those in distress. You can find a list of organisations with a valid money collection permit(external link) on the website of the Finnish police. The list is updated once a month.

Espoo has shown support and solidarity to Ukrainians in a very difficult war situation. The aid provided together with other large cities amounts to EUR 1.5 million.

In protest against Russia’s attack on Ukraine, we have suspended all sister city cooperation with Russia. Espoo has suspended sister city activities with the cities of Gatchina and Sochi.

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