The situation in Ukraine also worries children and young people

Published: 1.3.2022 14.56Updated: 17.3.2022 6.25

Sad news from Ukraine also worries children and young people. Support is available for anyone wanting to discuss their concerns.

In this current situation, it may be impossible for children and young people to avoid seeing the constant stream of news, and they may need support in dealing with their emotions. Children and young people must be offered an opportunity to discuss what has happened with familiar and reliable adults. However, it is always important to consider the child’s age and stage of development.


Our early childhood education units and schools will continue their activities as usual. Daily routines are important in creating a sense of security. It is worth reminding children and young people that, even though the situation in Ukraine is exceptional, Finland is still a safe place.

Support is available

Our early childhood education and school staff are prepared to discuss the issue and listen to the concerns children and young people may have. In schools, children and young people can also discuss their concerns with the student welfare staff and other adults.

Support and advice (in Finnish) on how to discuss the situation with children and young people can be found, for example, on the websites of the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare(extrernal link), the Finnish National Agency for Education(extrernal link) and UNICEF(extrernal link).

Support is also available through other channels.

Let’s take care of each other equally

It is important to remember that there are children, young people and staff members with a Russian and Ukrainian background in Espoo. Some of them may be worried about and fear for their loved ones. News about the war raises emotions, and the situation may be traumatic for some people. In Espoo, we treat other people with fairness, equality, humanity and tolerance. Everyone is entitled to equal treatment.

Let’s take care of each other, especially children and young people.


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