Organisations involved in the wellbeing of Western Uusimaa residents

Published: 30.11.2021 13.23

Organisations offer various kinds of activities to complement public social and healthcare services: community spirit, peer support and assistance in various situations in life. This is why organisations and communities will also play a key role in the future Western Uusimaa wellbeing services county.

Organisations offer many activity opportunities, such as sports, cultural activities and other leisure activities. There also are various forms of peer support groups, family cafés, support and guidance available.  

Organisations and communities complement the service entity of the future wellbeing services county. 

“We already have much in common: the idea of communities and organisations is to promote people’s wellbeing, sense of security and health in everything – this is also purpose of us, the professionals of the wellbeing services county,” says Project Manager Sannariikka Grönfors

As such, the organisations and communities of Uusimaa have been widely invited to work on the preparation of the wellbeing services county. Read more

“Until now, we have surveyed what the municipalities in Western Uusimaa are currently doing to promote the wellbeing and health of their residents, and what the municipalities would like to see. Currently, we are pondering what the promotion of wellbeing and health could be like in practice, how the various wellbeing services counties could cooperate with each other, and what kind of a role the Hospital District of Western Uusimaa (HUS) could play within this cooperation,” says Grönfors. 

The results of the work will eventually be seen in the wellbeing plans and reports of the wellbeing services counties, and also in practical operations – how seamlessly public services and third-sector activities are integrated. 

Organisations find their way to everyone  

Anu Toija, organisation expert from EJY ry, is a part of Järjestöjen sote-muutostuki (‘health and social services reform support for organisations’) in Uusimaa. She says that there are thousands of registered associations in Western Uusimaa. 

“Organisations are very easy to join. Some activities can even be attended anonymously.” 

Toija points out that organisations are good at reaching out to people who may otherwise be unable to ask for help or make themselves heard. Outreach youth work is a great example of this. Toija says that communities and organisations are also excellent places for residents to make a difference. 

“If you are thinking about a specific topic you want to influence, there probably is an organisation focusing on it already. There, you can find like-minded people,” Anu Toija states.  



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