Invitation to associations and communities: Let’s promote residents’ health and wellbeing together!

Published: 21.10.2021 9.54
Illustration: a man and a women are jogging together.

We are inviting Western Uusimaa’s organisations, local associations and religious communities to promote the residents’ health and wellbeing. First, we will identify the types of activities that you already have in place to achieve this and the operating models that have been shown to work. In addition, we want to hear how you would like to work together amongst yourselves and with the future Western Uusimaa wellbeing services county.

Register to join a development period, which will include two surveys open to all and two joint Teams meetings.

-          You can register here(extrernal link) (in Finnish)

-          You can respond to the first survey here(extrernal link) (in Finnish)

-          Inquiries:

  • Wellbeing Services County