Sorting and recycling are the responsibility of the resident.  

Advice on sorting waste or storing and handling hazardous waste, for example, is available from the Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY). More information about waste management, sorting and recycling can be found in HSY’s Waste Guide(extrernal link) and on the Waste and Recycling website(extrernal link).  

Waste that is not suitable for property-specific waste transport due to its large size, exceptional nature or quantity must be primarily delivered to HSY’s Sortti Station or another reception facility provided by HSY.  

In Espoo, the collection of packaging waste is mainly arranged on a property-specific basis. Households not covered by property-specific waste collection can take their packaging waste to Rinki eco take-back points(extrernal link).  

Grit used on roads can be reused or used in earthworks. However, the grit must be clean and must not contain debris. Small amounts of grit that contains debris or is otherwise not needed can be taken to HSY’s Sortti Stations for a fee. Larger amounts can be taken to Espoo’s soil collection point(extrernal link)

Hazardous waste must be taken to a hazardous waste collection point. Hazardous waste from households can be taken free of charge to HSY’s hazardous waste collection points or Sortti Stations(extrernal link).  

Rags and towels used for cleaning up minor oil and chemical spills at home, and any soil removed during the process, must be taken to a hazardous waste collection point. Read more about preventing oil and chemical spills(extrernal link)

Businesses and organisations take care of the identification, sorting and storage of their waste and hazardous waste as well as its transport and processing.  

Waste management regulations (HSY, only in Finnish)(extrernal link)  

Organisation of waste management and responsibilities (Espoo)(extrernal link)  

Waste and recycling in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area (HSY)(extrernal link)  

Sorting tips from the Waste Guide (HSY)(extrernal link)  

Rinki eco take-back points(extrernal link)