Oil and chemical spills

Oil or chemical spills that require immediate clean-up and may cause health hazards or environmental pollution must be reported by calling the emergency number 112. 

Efforts are made to prevent oil and chemical spills in advance. Spills may be caused when handling chemicals and oil, storing them and decommissioning underground tanks.  Espoo’s environmental protection regulations contain provisions to prevent damage. 

Oil and chemical spills may contaminate the soil. In this case, the contaminated soil must be cleaned. The absorbent material used for cleaning up oil and chemical spills and the soil removed during the process must be taken to a hazardous waste collection point(extrernal link) or another suitable reception facility according to the degree of contamination.   

An oil-like film on the surface of water is not always oil. Iron and manganese are naturally dissolved in water from soil and bedrock. When water reaches the ground surface and comes into contact with oxygen, these metals oxidise and form an oil-like membrane with ferrous bacteria.   

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