Contaminated soil

Soil is considered contaminated when its harmful substance content clearly exceeds the natural state. Substances causing contamination include oils, heavy metals and pesticides, among others. Contaminated soil must be reported, and so must its remediation.

Contaminated soil may pose a risk to human health and the environment, or have an adverse effect on the recreational or utility value of the area. Such sites have usually housed industrial plants, been used as above- or underground landfills, or contained oil or chemical storage units.    

Environmental Supervision monitors the investigation and remediation of contaminated soil areas in Espoo. In addition, Environmental Supervision collects and communicates information on contaminated and remediated sites for land use and construction, for example. Soil is protected by, for example, Espoo’s environmental protection regulations and several laws.  

If there has been any potentially polluting activity in the area or if there is any other reason to suspect that the soil may have been polluted:  

Kirsi Järvisalo

Environmental Inspector040 636 5476Environmental Protection P.O. Box 44 , Tekniikantie 15 02070 CITY OF ESPOO  

Maria Favorin

Environmental Inspector043 827 2259Environmental Protection P.O.Box 44 , Tekniikantie 15 02070 CITY OF ESPOO