eVaka is a client and information system used by the City of Espoo's Finnish-speaking and Swedish-speaking early childhood education units. Espoo's eVaka is an open-source system that is being developed together with the cities of Tampere, Oulu and Turku.

Through eVaka, guardians can apply for places in early childhood education, pre-primary education, service voucher units and clubs. The system is used for processing client information related to children and their guardians, e.g. client fees and decisions.

The staff of our early childhood education units use eVaka on mobile devices to record attendances, and they also communicate with guardians through the system.

Guardians reserve hours of attendance in early childhood education and submit notifications of absence through the system. In the future, we will introduce digital early childhood education plans, pre-primary education plans and pedagogical documentation.

Instructions for guardians

Frequently asked questions about eVaka