Do you need help with online services? In Espoo, digital support is available from a variety of providers, such as Service Points, libraries, various organisations and Omnia Adult Education Centre. Several volunteer associations and peer counsellors also provide digital support. In addition, authorities will help you use their own online services. What does digital support mean? Digital support refers to help and support you can receive for using various mobile devices, online services and other materials available online. The services of digital supporters belong to all residents. We are constantly developing our services in order to make them available to everyone. Digital support can include: - local support - for example, at Service Points or at the customer's home, provided by either an employee or a peer counsellor - remote support by means of chat, telephone or a video connection, for example - training, such as online training, adult education centre courses and videos. The person providing the support cannot use the services on your behalf or, for example, handle your online banking credentials or other means of authentication required for using the services.