Street plan for Alakartanontie, Soukantie, Soukankuja and Kastevuorenkuja

Streets and trafficEspoonlahti

Alakartanontie and Soukantie are collector streets. Soukankuja and Kastevuorenkuja are existing residential streets. The streets will be renovated, and their pedestrian and cycling arrangements will also be improved. The carriageways will be equipped with kerbs, and stormwater will be conveyed into stormwater sewers through stormwater inlets. New water services systems and technical networks will be built on the streets. Plants will be added to the street areas, and the street lighting will be replaced.

Separate pedestrian and bicycle paths will be built along the northern edge of Alakartanontie, and a new pedestrian path will be built on the southern side of the street. A combined pedestrian and bicycle path will be built along the western edge of Soukantie between Alakartanontie and Soukankuja. On the eastern side of the street, a new pedestrian path will be built from the bus stop to Alakartanontie. On Soukantie between Soukankuja and Soukanahde, the current pedestrian path will be widened and turned into a combined pedestrian and bicycle path. A new pedestrian path will be built along the southern edge of Soukankuja between Soukantie and Soukanraitti. Parking spaces will be built on both sides of Kastevuorenkuja, and a new pedestrian path will be built on the western side of the street.

The draft plan will be presented at the Public Works Department’s office at Tekniikantie 15 (entrance in the courtyard), in the Pitkäjärvi meeting room on 15 May 2023 from 16:30 to 17:30. The draft plan will be presented at the beginning of the event, after which people can express their opinions. You can comment on the draft plan at the residents’ event or by sending an email to before 21 May 2023.

After the draft plan stage, the street plan proposal will be finalised and made available for public review from 19 June to 4 July 2023, in accordance with the Land Use and Building Act. It will then be submitted to the Technical Services Committee for consideration. The interested parties will be informed of the public review period separately by post.

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