Street plans

Streets and roads connect various Espoo areas together. They enable smooth and safe mobility. Streets, roads and other public areas are part of Espoo, planned interactively with the residents and other parties. By appropriate planning and cooperation, we can create a good environment for living and working.

Planning process

General planning is related to master and local detailed planning. Some larger projects are subjects of a more detailed general plan before moving on to the next planning phase.

A street plan is drawn up for all streets in the local detailed plan area. It is an official document subject to the approval procedure in accordance with the Land Use and Building Act.

The construction plan includes in detail all civil engineering works, mass and quantity data and cost estimates. In small sites, the details of the construction plan are included in the street plan.

You have an opportunity to influence the decision-making during the street plan’s draft and proposal phases.

Arska service

Approved street plans are available in the ARSKA service, along with the site plans and cross-section drawings from 1975 onwards. The plans are in TIFF format with a resolution of 300 ppi. The base is updated from time to time, so the number of drawings available and downloadable grows.

Link to the ARSKA service.(external link)