Bus riding and depot visit at Työnantajatreffit recruitment event with Nobina

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In the bus stands a man wearing a high visibility jacket.
The recruitment event kicked off with a bus ride to a bus depot. Nobina Group Manager Ilmo Jokela wishes all participants a warm welcome.Photo: Sari Varis.

The Työnantajatreffit recruitment event provides employers and job seekers with a genuine opportunity to meet and discuss with one another. These events are organised jointly by the City of Espoo and the Uusimaa TE Office. Read on to learn how Nobina’s recruitment event with job seekers went.

On Thursday 9 February 2023, a Nobina bus circled to Leppävaara Station. 34 people interested in bus driver work, as well as representatives from the City of Espoo and the TE Office, got on board the bus. Nobina Group Manager Ilmo Jokela wished all participants a warm welcome, and the bus headed off towards the Klovi bus depot.

Participants were interested in bus driver work as well as the training opportunities and career prospects available at Nobina. People at Nobina thought it would be best to show their actual workplace and work environment. That’s why this Työnantajatreffit event involved bus riding, a visit to a bus depot and a meeting with Nobina staff.

The first participants arrived in good time. Additionally, representatives from the City of Espoo and the Uusimaa TE Office also got on board the bus.Photo: Sari Varis

Depot offers insight into work community and work duties

Participants learned more about the type of company Nobina is and what the things Nobina values in its work community are. One of the issues highlighted was the diversity of the work community: Nobina has staff from more than 50 countries, from every corner of the world.

Trainer Ari Forsman talked about drivers’ work and what makes a good driver.

“In addition to professional skills and safe driving, we value a friendly and punctual attitude to service.”

The opportunity and willingness to perform shifts are also vital.

The agenda continued with a tour in the staff facilities, the traffic centre and the repair garage, where new staff are also wanted. During this meeting, the participants met with a Shift Planner and a Duty Roster Compiler.

Finally, a number of job interviews were agreed, as well as providing application instructions.


Trainer Ari Forsman talking about what makes a good bus driver.Photo: Sari Varis

Two ways to find work at Nobina

If a candidate has the required driver permits and capabilities, they may apply for vacancies directly.

When a candidate has no sector-specific training, they may enrol for a 50-day RekryKoulutus training period. The RekryKoulutus training is organised by the TE Office in partnership with Työtehoseura. RekryKoulutus is followed by a year-long period of apprenticeship training, during which participants complete a driver vocational qualification.

Both are great ways to find full-time employment at Nobina.

Event meets expectations

Mr Jokela thinks the event was a success. In particular, he gives credit for the group discussions held with the participants.

“It was rewarding to share questions, answers and thoughts with the group.”

And how did it work out to have a recruitment event on your own premises?

“Here on our own premises, we were able to provide more information and talk extensively about the work.”

Espoo offers employers many types of support with recruitment

Espoo’s Employer Services Manager Johanna Larsson says that the city takes the recruitment challenges employers are facing seriously.

“Many sectors are struggling with a shortage of labour. We can help alleviate this.”

The Työnantajatreffit recruitment events are an easy way for employers to reach out to potential employees. An event is held every week at Sello Library or on the employer’s own premises. The City of Espoo and the Uusimaa TE Office take care of the arrangements and focus marketing on job seekers. It is for the employer to showcase vacancies, respond to questions and hold speed interviews with job seekers.

“Työnantajatreffit has developed into a versatile recruitment event, which adapts easily from a one-employer meeting to an event that covers an entire sector,” says Business Cooperation Coordinator Jari Engström.

Apart from recruitment events, Espoo also offers employers other types of support with recruitment. This support may involve financial aid granted to recruitment, as well as mapping of suitable candidates.

See you at Työnantajatreffit!

The Työnantajatreffit events are highly effective in reaching job seekers. Job seekers value that they get an opportunity to talk directly with employers. Additionally, the speed interviews and job-seeking guidance have also received positive feedback.
“These events are a great opportunity for employers and job seekers to present themselves and see if they could find a common path,” says Engström.

To see all upcoming Työnantajatreffit events, visit the Recruitment events in Espoo website.


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