What does ancient DNA tell us about our past?

23.12.2022 7.49

The study of ancient DNA, which is presented in KAMU, is fundamentally changing the understanding of the prehistory of the human species, which previously could only be explained with archaeological findings and linguistic conclusions.

Svante Pääbo, a pioneer in the field of ancient genetics, researcher of heredity and evolution, was the latest receiver of the Nobel Prize in medicine. Ancient genetics has started to interest more and more people, and genetic genealogy based on DNA tests has also become a popular hobby.

In January 2023, KAMU Espoo City Museum will organize, in Finnish, a web-lecture series “Menneisyys on meissä”, which deals with Finnish ancient DNA research and genetic genealogy from different perspectives.

The lectures are organized online on the Teams platform. The Clues to our Roots -exhibition, which will end on January 29, 2023, examines today's human heritage and dives through it to find our roots in prehistory. The exhibition is the first in Finland about prehistory from the perspective of genetic information.

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