3D model of the city in the Espoo Map Service

16.11.2022 13.51Updated: 16.11.2022 14.21
Streets and houses.
The 3D city model visualises our urban environment and enables new ways of viewing geographic data materials.Photo: Espoo Map Service

The Espoo Map Service is an excellent tool and databank for local residents and those working with the urban environment and geographic data.

The Espoo map service(external link) now also includes a 3D city model maintained by the City of Espoo. It visualises our urban environment and enables new ways of examining geographic data materials. The service includes smart 3D objects, terrain models and laser-scanned point cloud sets from a variety of years. It also enables shared use of the 3D materials, address-based positioning and creating map links. 

Point cloud image produced by means of laser scanning.

The 3D materials can be accessed by clicking the 2D icon in the top left corner of the map service. Here, you can use six separate views to examine the desired area. The views are as follows:

  • city model
  • point cloud
  • hybrid model
  • terrain model, aerial image
  • terrain model, basemap
  • terrain model, detailed plans

Link: 3D city model(external link)

More detailed descriptions of the views can be found under the info buttons.

The map service interface is easy to use.Photo: Espoo Map Service, Jani Havukainen

Espoo Public Works maintains the Espoo’s 3D city model as part of its daily maintenance of geographic data materials. The geographic data materials serve the development and construction of Espoo’s urban environment. The map service provides an easy-to-use viewing interface for a variety of geographic data materials. Moreover, the materials have been widely published through open interfaces(external link).

Example of a map link: 3D properties of the Espoonlahti metro station(external link)

More information on the open city model released in 2019 and Espoo’s 3D city model materials can be found at https://kartat.espoo.fi/3d/(external link)


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