Soukka’s look was updated on the eve of the start of metro traffic

12.10.2022 8.25Updated: 28.10.2022 6.35

Construction in the surroundings of Espoo’s new metro stations will continue when the metro starts operating to Kivenlahti. That is in early 2023 according to the current estimate. The West Metro extension will bring five new metro stations to Espoo: Finnoo, Kaitaa, Soukka, Espoonlahti and Kivenlahti. In this series of stories, we present the surroundings of each station.

The Soukka metro station has two entrances. The metro station was influenced by the surrounding modernist building stock of the 1960s. Photo: City of Espoo

In recent years, Soukka has undergone major street renovations, and it can be said that Ylä-Soukka has received a facelift on the eve of the start of metro traffic. The surroundings of Soukantori Square have been developed, but in such a way that the modernism and concrete construction of the 1960s will be preserved. The surfaces and tiles of the square have been renovated. Soukantori’s outdoor water pool, which has been out of use for years, has been renovated, and it will have water for the summer of 2023. In winter, the pool will be illuminated and old photographs of Soukka will be projected on the bottom.

The street improvement work in the area is still ongoing but will be completed in November 2022. In the contract, Yläkartanontie, Soukantie and Soukanraitti, for example, are being renovated. The roadways and pedestrian and bicycle lanes will be rebuilt. The intersection area of Soukantie and Yläkartanontie will be clarified with a roundabout. The Soukansilta bridge over Yläkartanontie will be renovated.

The pedestrian and bicycle underpass on Soukantie between Soukankenttä and Soukanpuisto will be renovated. The low, narrow and dark underpass will be made higher, wider and brighter. The ramps of the underpass will feature art by children. 

In addition to streets, the water supply network, district heating network and cable routes will be renovated. The city will also plant trees and shrubs in the area and renew the lighting.

Soukka’s outdoor water pool has been renovated, and it will have water for the summer of 2023. In winter, the pool will be illuminated and old photographs of Soukka will be projected on the bottom. Photo: City of Espoo

Homes for up to 2,000 new residents

Soukka has a population of about 8,000. The metro is expected to accelerate complementary construction and compensatory new construction. With complementary and new construction, the population of Soukka is expected to increase by about 2,000.

In the immediate vicinity of the Soukka metro station, new housing construction is being planned along Yläkartanontie. The implementation requires a change in the town plan. In addition to the construction of new blocks of flats, four existing blocks of flats would be raised by two floors. A multi-storey car park would be built in the place of the existing ground-level parking area. If implemented, a change in the plan would create homes for 400–500 residents.

From Soukantori, you take the elevator to the metro station

The Soukka metro station is located below Soukantori. The station has two entrances: one on Soukantori and one on Yläkartanontie. From the Soukantori entrance, you take the elevator down to the metro station. On Yläkartanontie, passengers can use the escalator as well as the elevator.

The artwork at the Soukka metro station is Taneli Rautiainen’s Sfäärit. The work of spatial art consists of four parts on different levels of the metro station. The work features constellations, shooting stars and a veil of cloud. Read more about station art in Soukka on the West Metro website.(external link)

There will be approximately 30 temporary parking spaces in Soukka. There will be plenty of bicycle spaces, about 350.

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