The metro brings a strip of the city to Kaitaa

5.10.2022 8.06Updated: 28.10.2022 6.27

Construction in the surroundings of Espoo’s new metro stations will continue when the metro starts operating to Kivenlahti. That is in early 2023 according to the current estimate. The West Metro extension will bring five new metro stations to Espoo: Finnoo, Kaitaa, Soukka, Espoonlahti and Kivenlahti. In this series of stories, we present the surroundings of each station.

When metro traffic begins, the Kaitaa station will have one entrance. It is located on Kaitaantie. Photo: City of Espoo

Kaitaa is known especially as a small-house area, but the metro also brings more urban construction to the area. In the immediate vicinity of the metro station in the centre of Iivisniemi, residential blocks of flats are being planned, with commercial premises in their foundation.

Eight- and 12-storey houses would provide a home for approximately a thousand residents. Kaitaa centre’s town plan, which will enable residential blocks of flats, is currently under appeal in Helsinki Administrative Court. Construction cannot begin until the town plan is legally valid.

When metro traffic begins, the Kaitaa station will have one entrance, which is located on the Kaitaantie road, serving the centre of Iivisniemi well. Another entrance to the Kaitaa station has also been built on Iivisniemenkallio, which will be taken into use later as residential construction in the area progresses.

The station platform of the Kaitaa metro station is bordered by Antti Tanttu’s work Juurtuminen. Read more about station art in Kaitaa on the West Metro website.(external link)

The station platform of the Kaitaa metro station is bordered by Antti Tanttu’s work Juurtuminen. Photo: City of Espoo

There will also be a multi-storey car park on Kaitaantie. Prior to the construction of the car park, park-and-riders will be served by the temporary access parking area of approximately 50 parking spaces at the corner of Iivisniementie and Kaitaantie, built by Länsimetro Oy. In addition, the station has 200 bicycle parking spaces.

The old shopping centre, located on the other side of Iivisniementie, will continue for the time being. The shopping centre is not part of the plan area of the Kaitaa metro centre.

An area with blocks of flats and services close to nature to be built in Hannusranta

The aim is to build a residential area with blocks of flats close to nature in Hannusranta, north of Kaitaantie, located along smooth transport connections.

In Hannusranta, residential blocks of flats will be built with commercial space in their foundation. The change in the town plan along the street Hannusranta will allow the small-house area in the immediate vicinity of the metro station to be converted into an urban area with blocks of flats. It will also be made possible to locate a grocery shop of approximately 600 square metres in Hannusranta.

The City Council of Espoo approved Hannusranta’s town plan in June 2022, but a complaint has been made about the plan, so the date of starting construction is not known.

Nature can be easily reached in Kaitaa, as the natural green areas, the sea and the Waterfront Walkway are nearby.

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