The Iso Omena Service Centre to offer organisations a space for promoting their activities

3.6.2022 10.02

The Iso Omena Service Centre is located in the second busiest shopping centre in Finland, the Iso Omena in Matinkylä. Good transport connections and the location of many services under the same roof bring more than 4,000 visitors a day to the Service Centre. This means that the Service Centre is also a good place for organisations to reach Espoo's residents.

“We have reserved a part of one of our corridors for organisations, because we want to provide exposure to their important work and help them get more people involved in their activities. Organisations play a major role in supporting the well-being of the residents of Espoo, e.g. in addition to public services operating in the Service Centre,” explains Customer Service Manager Hanna Kautto.

The organisation corridor (Järjestökäytävä) is located in a corridor outside the health station, close to mental health and substance abuse services and Kela. The space can accommodate three organisations and their exhibition tables at a time. Organisations can borrow a folding table free of charge from the Service Centre.

The space can also be used for art and photography exhibitions, but the organiser of the exhibition must bring their own stands. Exhibitions should be suitable for public spaces and visitors of all ages.

How to be featured in the organisation corridor

If you are interested in booking a place for your organisation in the organisation corridor, please contact by e-mail.

Please read the instructions for event organisers in advance.

The Service Centre provides 12 public services in the customer service, education and health sector. Further information on the services is available on the Iso Omena Service Centre's website.

Come and visit the Service Centre – we look forward to it!

Palvelutorin käytävältä on varattu tila, jossa järjestöt voivat esitellä toimintaansa.
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