General instructions for all spaces

The Service Centre is a public space where election campaigns and commercial activities are not allowed. Organisations’ fundraising activities must always be agreed on in advance.

The Iso Omena Service Centre offers the following spaces for public events:

  • four meeting rooms: Aalto, Kari, Meri and Kaisla
  • the Stage in the Iso Omena Library.

Organisations may also present their activities in the lobby at a date and time agreed in advance.

The Service Centre provides basic public services that may not be disturbed by your event. By reserving a space for your event at the Service Centre, you commit yourself to following our instructions. Please read them carefully.

The Service Centre has its own security guards who will help you with any acute safety concerns.

Before the event

Book spaces

  • The meeting rooms Aalto, Kari, Meri and Kaisla can be booked through Varaamo(external link). Each customer is responsible for their meeting room reservations. The Service Centre does not book facilities through Varaamo on behalf of customers.
    • The meeting rooms are not soundproof. Please remember this when you are using them. The events on the Stage may be audible in the meeting rooms.
  • Agree on the use of the lobby with the Service Centre administration by email.
    • Please also discuss your possible need for tables and where they would be placed.
  • You can find instructions for events on the Stage on the Helmet website(external link) (in Finnish).

Please note! The Service Centre is unfortunately unable to offer kitchen facilities and tableware to event organisers. You can either bring your own food and drinks or order them from one of the cafés at the shopping centre, for example.

Communication and marketing

After you have booked a space, remember to advertise your event if it is open to everyone.

  • On our Facebook page
    • If your event has a Facebook page, you can add the Iso Omena Library (called “Ison Omenan kirjasto” on Facebook) and Espoo’s Service Centres (“Espoon palvelutorit”) as co-hosts. This will make your event show up on our Facebook pages, too.
    • Contact the Service Centre administration if you would like to advertise your event on the Facebook page of Espoo’s Service Centres (“Espoon palvelutorit”). Your message should include a short description of the event and a picture or a ready-to-use event advertisement saved in an image format (jpg, png) in size 1920x1080px.
  • On the Service Centre’s electronic information displays
    • Contact the Service Centre administration if you would like to advertise your event on the Service Centre’s electronic information displays. Your message should include a short description of the event and a picture or a ready-to-use event advertisement saved in an image format (jpg, png) in size 1920x1080px.
      • Size for ceiling displays 1920x1080px
      • Size for vertical displays 1080x1920px
  • The Iso Omena Library can also advertise the event on its website(external link).

You can also use loudspeaker announcements at the Service Centre to advertise your event. These are always agreed on a case-by-case basis.

Advertising elsewhere in the Iso Omena shopping centre is subject to a fee. Read more about promotion spots and ad surfaces in the shopping centre on Citycon Media’s website(external link).

You will need to take care of event search engines and other communications yourself.

Photography and filming at the Service Centre

If you are going to invite media representatives to your event, please inform the staff of the Service Centre or the library (if photography/filming will take place on the Stage) in advance. This enables us to help the journalists do their work while protecting our customers’ privacy.

Photography and filming are allowed in accordance with the rules set by the public space. We have put restrictions on photography and filming on the premises of the City of Espoo Service Point, Kela, the mental health and substance abuse clinic, the maternity and child health clinic, the health centre, the HUSLAB laboratory and the HUS Medical Imaging Center to protect our customers’ privacy. Without a prior request for permission, photography and filming in these spaces are prohibited. In addition, you will need to ask each person appearing in the photographs/video for their consent to being photographed/filmed and to the publication of the material. If you are photographing or filming children on our premises, you always need to have their guardians’ consent.

Cancellations and changes

As the Service Centre spaces are in high demand, please inform us of any cancellations and changes as soon as possible.

Setting up and dismantling

Please note that you will need to set up and dismantle your stand and other equipment within the same day.

You cannot store anything at the Service Centre.

As the event organiser, you are responsible for leaving the premises in the same condition as you found them. As the Service Centre only has five (5) tables for event use, please bring your own tables with you if you can. If you would like to use our tables, please let us know this when you are making a reservation.

How to get here

The Iso Omena Service Centre in Matinkylä, Espoo, is located on the top (3rd) floor of the Iso Omena shopping centre, directly above the bus and metro terminal.

You can access the Service Centre on foot through the old shopping centre corridors and escalators. Pedestrian entrances to the shopping centre extension are located at Markkinakatu 1, Suomenlahdentie 1 and Piispansilta 19.

If you arrive by car (or taxi), the closest parking garage is P1A. You can access the garage by the ramp at Suomenlahdentie 1. From the parking garage you can take a lift up to the Service Centre on the 3rd floor. Parking is free of charge for two hours. If you download Citycon’s Iso Omena mobile app, you will get four hours of free parking time. The Service Centre has no free parking spaces for event organisers.

On the event day

As the event organiser, you are responsible for all event arrangements. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, it is very important that you follow the instructions and rules that have been agreed on.

  • Pick up the meeting room keys at the information desk and bring them back when your event is over. Make sure that you have a photo ID with you (for example an identity card).
  • Always agree on signs in advance with the staff. You may not put up any signs on the Service Centre walls.
  • Event organisers can use the public toilets at the Service Centre. The largest toilets can be found on the same floor, located next to HUS, across from the café.

Liability for damages

The customer is liable for damaged or dirtied spaces and equipment. The Service Centre has the right to invoice the customer for any damage caused or extra cleaning required.

Take other customers into consideration

The Service Centre is a public service space where events are highly visible. However, please remember to take other customers into consideration by ensuring that their access to basic services is unhindered.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.