Espoo Disability Services releases a service guide

Published: 16.6.2022 8.16Updated: 21.6.2022 11.52

The new service guide(extrernal link) from Espoo Disability Services has been released. The guide indicates the types of services the unit provides, the situations for which the services are intended, and how to apply for the services. We describe the City of Espoo’s disability services and also highlight the services offered by organisations and other communities.  

“The service guide is our way of responding to our customers’ feedback that the disability services are hard to understand and the information is scattered,” says specialist Suvi Linnanmäki-Koskela, who was responsible for the creation of the guide. The guide is a concise summary of the disability services offered by the City. 

When preparing the guide, we widely utilised the expertise of social workers and instructions involved in disability services. In the draft phase, the guide was also commented on by our experience expert, whose feedback was very clear:  

“Great guide. It is well structured and itemised, and the application procedure is clearly indicated. I can’t think of anything that would need to be changed.” 

The guide is intended to assist everyone who is involved with disability services: the disabled persons themselves, those close to them, and workers of our collaboration parties. 

The aim is to develop the service guide for the residents of the new Western Uusimaa wellbeing services county. We hope for development ideas and feedback through the form: link) 

The service guide has been translated into Swedish and English.

You can purchase a print version of the guide at a City of Espoo service point.(extrernal link)