Join in to offer activities to children and young people in Espoo

Published: 23.3.2022 15.02

Do you want to get involved in producing high-quality leisure activities based on the wishes of children and young people on the Espoo Hobby Path? The Espoo Hobby Path’s overall goal is to create meaningful activities for children and young people and provide them with opportunities to try things out and find new interests.


The Espoo Hobby Path implements the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Finnish model for leisure activities in Espoo. We offer free recreational activities for children and young people in connection with school days at their own school or in its close vicinity.

In particular, we would like to reach those children and young people who do not yet have a hobby they like. We are seeking operators with experience of children’s and young people’s activities to provide accessible and high-quality leisure activities. The activities will be organised in Finnish, Swedish, English and other languages.

The activities will be based on the children’s and young people’s wishes. In particular, we are seeking content related to digital activities, art and culture, and various themes, such as cooking. We would also like to see activities that promote inclusion and moving about outdoors.

Our aim is to have about 200 activity groups in different parts of Espoo during the school year 2022−2023. The service providers will be selected through mini-procurements held within the service provider register. The service provider can choose how many activities and groups they will offer for the school year.

Read more about the Espoo Hobby Path and applying as a service provider.

Espoo seeks activity providers for the school year 2022–2023 through a call for tenders – apply by 20 April

The service providers for 2022–2023 will be selected through a tendering process in accordance with the Act on Public Contracts. The application process will be open from 11 March until 20 April 2022.

You can submit your application to participate in the tendering via the Supplier Portal (Tarjouspalvelu). On the same website, you can view the details and documents on the call for tenders. Even ‘light entrepreneurs’ using invoicing services can also register as service providers in the dynamic supplier register.

You can go access the Supplier Portal via this link.(extrernal link)

You need to register with the Supplier Portal to see the details of the call for tenders. You can register on the Supplier Portal website.(extrernal link)

The call for tenders has only been published in Finnish.