The Espoo Hobby Path offers free recreational activities for children and young people during school days at their own school or in its vicinity. On the Hobby Path, you can have fun and learn in a new hobby, and may even find your way to a more goal-oriented hobby.

You can try out hobbies with friends or alone, and you may also find new friends in connection with hobbies. You can participate in hobbies regardless of your level of expertise.

The offering of the Espoo Hobby Path is compiled in accordance with the wishes of children and young people. Hobby Path offers, for example, culture and art, hands-on activities, gaming and coding. The Espoo Hobby Path is a good complement to the free sports activities already available.(extrernal link)

The Espoo Hobby Path provides inspiring opportunities for children and young people:

  • opportunity to explore a new hobby
  • opportunity to try out and take up a variety of hobbies
  • opportunity and experimenting may create a pathway to a new hobby.

Recreational activities on the Espoo Hobby Path

You can take part in the hobby groups of the Espoo Hobby Path at your own local school, youth centres, multi-purpose facilities and libraries.

To find the current selection of the hobby groups available visit the webpage of the recreational activities on the Espoo Hobby Path.


Become a service provider for the Espoo Hobby Path

Do you want to get involved in producing quality leisure activities based on the wishes of children and young people on the Espoo Hobby Path?

Read more about becoming a service provider here. 

The Finnish model for leisure activities

The Espoo Hobby Path implements the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Finnish Model for Leisure Activities in Espoo. You can read more information on the Finnish Model for Leisure Activities website. (extrernal link)

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