Espoo Hobby Path

The Espoo Hobby Path implements the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Finnish model for hobbies in Espoo. 

The model aims to offer free recreational opportunities to comprehensive school pupils at their own school or in its vicinity after the school day and to increase the well-being of children and young people.

The activities offered were selected on the basis a school survey carried out in autumn 2020. The most sought-after hobbies of Espoo schoolchildren include parkour, climbing, circus, film, animation, photography, visual arts, cooking, game coding and handicrafts.

The Espoo Hobby Path will start at the beginning of the autumn term. Activity organisers for the 2021–22 school year will be selected through competitive tendering during summer 2021. The model was piloted in eight schools in spring 2021.

Additional information on the Finnish model for hobbies is available on the Ministry of Education and Culture website(extrernal link).

Kimmo Sillanmikko

Project Manager0406368773

Espoo Hobby Path