Disability services to be integrated into the Western Uusimaa wellbeing services county

Published: 28.2.2022 14.27

Municipal disability services will be integrated into the new Western Uusimaa wellbeing services county at the turn of the year. The change is currently being prepared. Our objective is to ensure that residents across Western Uusimaa receive equal, high-quality and timely services. You can now take part: the first survey on disability services is open until 14 April 2022.

How will the establishment of the wellbeing county affect disability services?

Municipalities will organise the services until the end of 2022, after which the wellbeing services county will assume responsibility for organising the services. We will continue to secure services during the pandemic and develop services together to renew them.

Over the course of this year, we will be planning the organisation of disability services in the Western Uusimaa wellbeing services county. During the transition, we will secure the continuity of services for people with disabilities – we hope that you will not notice the change at the turn of the year. At the same time, we want to ensure that clients using disability services have equal access to the services they need across the Western Uusimaa region. This work will also continue in the coming years. We are working to ensure the wellbeing of the residents of Western Uusimaa.

The current special care districts for people with intellectual disabilities, Eteva and Kårkulla, will be disbanded. Services, such as housing services, exemplary employment and day activities, will continue as part of the Western Uusimaa wellbeing county. For advanced services, joint responsibility will be agreed between the Uusimaa municipalities. For more information about the change, visit https://www.espoo.fi/en/kepa-uusimaa(extrernal link)

Status of the preparation of disability services

A coordination group has been set up to support the preparation of disability services, consisting of representatives from disability services in each municipality. In addition, working groups have been set up on various themes, to which disability services personnel have been invited.

The current focus areas of the preparation effort include e.g. the development of access to apartment renovation works as well as the procurement of transport services and the drafting of principles for service use. The themes were presented to the chairpersons of municipal disability councils on 10 February.

The preparation of the amendment will be regularly discussed with disability councils. In addition, workshops will be organised on various themes, to which clients will also be invited.

A group of transport service customers from the Western Uusimaa region has been assembled to prepare the procurement of transport services. The customers will participate in workshops during spring 2022. See more information on the workshop in the following press release: Kuljetuspalvelujen hankinnan valmistelu on käynnistynyt yhdessä asiakkaiden kanssa(extrernal link) (in Finnish)

Respond to the survey and participate in the preparation

Let’s work together to improve our health and wellbeing by building wellbeing services that we can be proud of in Western Uusimaa.

In the Community of Western Uusimaa wellbeing services county, you can contribute to the development of disability services by participating in discussions and other tasks. The first survey on disability services has now been opened in the community. Click here to respond(extrernal link). You can also submit your own suggestions and questions to the people preparing the services.

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