Participate in the development of Espoo's circular economy in Data-enabled Solutions for Circular Economy Challenge Competition

Published: 10.12.2021 8.19
Four people gathered around a table to work together.
Photo: Olli Urpela

The City of Espoo's challenge is one of six challenges for utilizing data for a circular economy.

What kind of circular economy functions and measures does the population, urban and economic structure enable? What is the role of the city in promoting the circular economy? What kind of data is needed for circular economy actors to make more effective decisions?

Circular Design Network has launched a challenge competition to find new ideas and concepts for utilizing data for a circular economy. With the competition, we also want to create new active contacts between different actors, deepen cooperation and bring together different aspects of the circular economy. Ultimately, the goal is to collaborate and create new data-based business opportunities and operating models for the circular economy. The City of Espoo's challenge is one of the six challenges. In Espoo, we invite organizations, teams and individuals to participate in a challenge competition to ideate measures to strengthen Espoo's circular economy using the city's existing data (website in Finnish).

Development of a circular economy is important to us in Espoo, and we have committed to a circular economy by signing the Circular Cities Declaration in 2020. Espoo's circular economy challenges and opportunities are typical of urban areas and relate to housing and business: food waste management, targets to increase the recycling rate of small electronics, textiles and plastics, and carbon-neutral construction, heating, transport and mobility. Servitization and sharing platforms could bring new operating models and opportunities for residents and also for the SME sector.

The challenge competition organizers are looking for ideas, concepts, operating models, solutions or business models that solve the particular circular economy challenge using data elements in the solution. Individuals or teams from different organizations can participate in the challenge competition. In the first phase of the competition, a short description of the concept or idea is submitted by 24th of January 2022.

More information about the challenge competition:

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