ManiMiitti+ challenges all young people in Espoo to come up with ideas for services, the most popular ones will be implemented

Published: 31.8.2021 21.00Updated: 2.9.2021 5.28

Espoo is going to spend 100,000 euros on innovation and participation activities of children and young people during the rest of the year. In September, 13–19-year-old Espoo residents can join forces to come up with ideas for their own services.

Young people were asked to list requests and ideas related to their daily lives in connection with the preparation of the Youth Council action plan and upper secondary school curriculum. These and ideas and requests that had not been implemented during previous ManiMiitti rounds have now been collected together. Young people now have the opportunity to select the most interesting ones and develop them further.

“ManiMiitti+ refers to ideas previously received from young people, three of which can now be selected for further development into concrete implementation. In a way, ManiMiitti+ is a combination of voting and innovation – in other words, by brainstorming on a certain idea, you are also voting for it,” says Project Coordinator Marianne Julkunen.

Young people can respond to the survey either on their own or together with their class, a friend, an adult or even a hobby group.

Participate by completing the electronic form by 22 September 2021.

The ideas to be implemented will be selected in October

All responses are important and will be reviewed. The concepts received for each idea will be put together to form a plan, and this way, every implementation will be designed together by young people of Espoo.

If they would also like to participate in the concrete implementation of the ideas, young people can give their contact information at the end of the form.

The most popular ideas will be implemented and the final selections will be made in October. Follow our progress on social media with the hashtag #ManiMiittiPlussa or at news.

The ideas that can be further developed and voted for on the electronic ManiMiitti+ form are as follows:

  • Legal graffiti walls
  • Make your local environment more comfortable
  • What kind of community event would you like to organise?
  • How could calming, relaxation and stress management skills be promoted at school or in leisure time?
  • How could young people’s sense of community/team spirit be enhanced at school or in leisure time?
  • What kind of theme day/week would you like to organise?
  • What kind of club would you like to be a part of?
  • What kind of youth tournament or competition would you like to participate in?
  • Design a sustainable development campaign.


Also keep in mind the City of Espoo feedback channel for young people, which makes giving feedback and sharing ideas quick and easy.

Let us build the Espoo of the future together!


The first news article in the series of stories on the use of the iCapital prize money: Espoo to spend 100,000 euros on innovation and participation activities of children and young people.

ManiMiitti+ expands the City of Espoo youth services’ participatory budgeting ManiMiitti model.

Espoo is once again the Finnish Capital of Innovation – among the top six in the European Capital of Innovation Awards


This news item is part of a series of stories about the use of the 2020 European Capital of Innovation prize money in Espoo. With the prize money, Espoo will promote sustainable future by supporting innovation and inclusion activities for children and young people. The stories can be found with the hashtag #iCapitalAwards.

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