Kauklahti station area in Espoo to be renewed

Published: 22.9.2021 12.34
Aerial view of the buildings, trees and river in the area of Hyttimestari.
View of the area of Hyttimestari.Photo: Arkkitehdit Anttila & Rusanen.

The centre of Kauklahti is planned to be complemented by the Lasihytti residential area near Kauklahti station. The area covers a zone of about one and a half kilometres south of the coastal railway and is currently mainly an industrial area.

In the future, the Lasihytti area will be home to around 4,000 new residents. The construction of the residential area will also contribute to the implementation of the extension of the City Rail Link to Kauklahti by providing a sufficient number of users for the new trains.

Pleasant living in the cultural landscape of Espoonjoki

With the construction of new housing, the Lasihytti area will become more urban in appearance, yet retain its greenery. The residential buildings will mainly be blocks of flats, ranging from four to eight storeys.

In the northeastern part of the area, the construction will be adapted to the surrounding cultural landscape with lower buildings.

The design of Lasihytti has been guided by the consideration of village-like features: Commercial premises will be built at street level, and the buildings will be interspersed with varied routes, along which small squares will be placed for relaxation.

In addition to this, the village-like features will be emphasised through the facade materials, colours and roof shapes, for example.

Espoonjoki River, which flows through the Lasihytti area, will be taken into account in the plans. Along the riverside, routes will be planned that are easily accessible on foot. There will be plenty of views of the riverside from between the buildings and from the street squares. The old station building and warehouse, as well as the pump station keeper’s dwelling, will be protected.

 Espoo’s City Planning Committee will discuss the approval of the local detailed plan at its meeting on 30 September. The City Council will decide on the approval of the plan.

The City Planning Committee agenda, 22 September(extrernal link) (in Finnish).

More information on the local detailed plan (in Finnish).

More information:

Architect Sonja Sahlsten, tel. +358 (0)40 639 3084

Area planning architect Outi Reitmaa, tel. +358 (0)43 824 9583



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