Illustration of the planning area from the northeast.
Oblique aerial view of the central and northeastern parts of the planning area.Photo: INARO oy

Development of the surroundings of Kauklahti station

Local detailed plansKauklahti

Residential buildings, services, parks and a public transport terminal are being planned for the industrial and warehousing area south of Kauklahti station. Park-and-ride services are expanded in the area north of the railway, and the Kauklahti station building that belongs to a nationally important cultural historical environment (RKY) will be conserved. City Planning Committee has approved the plan proposal to City Board in Nov 9th, 2022.

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Local detailed plan and its amendment


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Senate Station Properties Ltd, City of Espoo, private operators

Additional information

The planning area is located in Vanttila and Kauklahti city districts. The area is bordered by Hyttimestarintie in the south, Kauklahdenväylä in the west and Hansatie in the north. To the east, the area extends about 400 metres east of Vantinportti to an unzoned field in the Espoonjoki river valley. Espoonjoki river runs through the whole area.

Planning ensures the alignment of the conservation areas, natural assets and new construction in the area. Particular attention will be paid to fostering the Espoonjoki ecological link and to creating an urban, yet village-like atmosphere in the new blocks.

Read more about the preparation and content of the plan on the project webpage in Finnish

You can find current information about the progress of a plan on the plan webpage in Finnish. For more information, you can contact the planners. You can participate in the planning process by submitting an opinion during the preparation stage or an objection during the proposal stage.

What are the preparation stage, public review and proposal stage?

You can read more about the process of detailed planning and resident participation on the page Detailed planning process in stages.

Read more about participation in planning from the page Participation is part of city planning.

Sonja Sahlsten

Architect, Detailed Planning+358 40 6393084Tekniikantie 15, Otaniemi

Marno Hanttu

Transportation Engineer, Traffic and transportation planning for detailed plans+358 46 8772749Tekniikantie 15, Otaniemi
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