Kaitaa, mostly consisting of detached houses, will have an urban metro centre

16.9.2021 6.37Updated: 8.10.2021 10.27

The extension of the West Metro from Matinkylä to Kivenlahti will be finished in 2023. The extension of the metro line will bring five new stations into Espoo: Finnoo, Kaitaa, Soukka, Espoonlahti and Kivenlahti. This series of articles introduces the areas surrounding each of the stations, one at a time.

Along with the metro, Kaitaa will see infilling that will make the urban structure denser. Photo: Iiro Mikola, Optivision Oy

Kaitaa mostly consists of detached houses, but the Iivisniemi area also has blocks of flats. Along with the metro, Kaitaa will see infilling that will make the urban structure denser. 

The area around the metro station’s entrance will have residential buildings with homes for about a thousand residents. Eight-floor residential buildings have been planned between Kaitaantie and Iivisniementie, and a few with 12 floors. The ground floors will also have commercial premises available. 

However, the construction schedule is yet unknown since an appeal has been lodged with Helsinki Administrative Court regarding the town plan for Kaitaa Metro Centre. Therefore, construction can only begin once the town plan has entered into legal force. 

The aim is to build two multi-storey carparks in the planned area, which will also include park-and-ride services. Länsimetro Oy will implement 47 temporary park-and-ride spaces which will become available once the metro starts operating, as well as 200 bicycle parking spaces. Later on, the City of Espoo will build more bicycle parking spaces. 

The area will also have two green park zones that also secure safe passage for flying squirrels. 

The lands in the planned area around the metro centre are mainly owned by local parishes and the City of Espoo. 

The old shopping centre located on the other side of Iivisniementie will continue operating as usual, for the time being, as it is not covered by the plan for Kaitaa Metro Centre. 

Housing and commercial premises into Hannusranta 

Hannusranta on the other side of Kaitaantie will also see new blocks of flats. The changes to the town plan for the area by the Hannusranta street allow for the area of detached houses in the immediate vicinity of the metro station to be turned into an urban area with blocks of flats.  

There will also be commercial premises on the ground floors. The area will even allow for a grocery shop with a size of 600 square metres. 

The station takes you to a pine forest 

The main entrance – and for now, the only entrance – of Kaitaa Metro Station will be close to Kaitaantie. The possibility of an entrance by Iivisniemenkallio has been reserved, but it will not yet be used. 

More information about Kaitaa metro station(external link).

The architectural theme of Kaitaa Station is ‘green courtyards,’ based on the area’s characteristics. In the station’s architecture, the cold surfaces made of metal, glass and concrete are balanced with the warm colours of a pine forest typical of the area. The interiors of the station display shapes and hues reminiscent of a pine forest. 

The work of art showcased at the station is Juurtuminen (‘Taking Root’) by Antti Tanttu, which refers to settling down and becoming familiar with your surroundings. The graphically stylised network of roots traverses nearly the entire length of the platform area.  

Here you can find more information about station art(external link).

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