In Espoonlahti, the metro takes you to a shopping centre

30.9.2021 6.34Updated: 8.10.2021 10.29

The extension of the West Metro from Matinkylä to Kivenlahti will be finished in 2023. The extension of the metro line will bring five new stations to Espoo: Finnoo, Kaitaa, Soukka, Espoonlahti and Kivenlahti. This series of articles introduces the areas surrounding each of the stations, one at a time.

Metro station entrances in Espoonlahti are located in connection with the shopping centre Lippulaiva.

Espoonlahti metro station will be connected to the new Lippulaiva shopping centre. There will be lift and escalator access to Lippulaiva from both ends of the station platform. Both entrances will be in use when the metro begins running to Kivenlahti. 

More information about Espoonlahti metro station(external link).

Lippulaiva shopping centre, being built by Citycon, is scheduled to open in the spring of 2022. It will be twice the size of the old Lippulaiva, which was demolished in 2017. The new shopping centre will house around a hundred shops and services, including the new Espoonlahti district library.  The Espoonlahti major district will gain a strong commercial centre at a transport hub. 

An underground metro depot is about to be completed at Sammalvuori in the district of Saunalahti. A metro depot is a place where metro trains are stored and maintained. 

The metro station’s atmosphere is inspired by Espoonlahti Swimming Pool in its colour tones, lighting and materials.

The atmosphere at the station takes you underwater 

The metro station’s atmosphere is inspired by Espoonlahti Swimming Pool in its colour tones, lighting and materials. The reflections from the rippling chrome walls and ceiling at platform level will give visitors the impression of peering upwards from the bottom of a giant swimming pool. 

Espoonlahti metro station will feature Hans Rosenström’s light and sound installation ‘Varjot veden pinnalla’ (‘Shadows on the Water’).  More information about station art(external link).

When the metro service starts, more than 760 park and ride spaces will be provided for bicycles and 250 for cars.   

The station will also be adjacent to Espoonlahti bus terminal, which serves the metro’s feeder traffic in the Espoonlahti major district. 

Pikkulaiva to be replaced by homes for 2,000 people 

In Espoonlahti, several residential block projects have started or will start in the next few years. 

Eight buildings with a total of 450–500 flats will be built in the immediate vicinity of Lippulaiva. These are estimated to be completed in stages between 2022 and 2024. 

When the temporary Pikkulaiva is demolished after the new Lippulaiva is completed in 2022, it will be replaced by residential buildings. This block will provide homes for around 2,000 people. The tallest buildings on this block will have 20 storeys. 

According to the development plan for the area, Espoonlahti will see new workplace development on both sides of Länsiväylä. 

New squares and routes around the station 

Espoonlahdentori and Solmutori are new street squares for pedestrians and cyclists that are being built at the same time as Lippulaiva. There will be a pedestrian connection – Kipparinreitti – from Espoonlahdentori to Espoonlahdenkatu through the Lippulaiva property. 

Espoonlahdenreitti will be a pedestrian and bicycle traffic connection between Espoonlahdentori and Solmutori.

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