The nursing home portal helps you find the most suitable nursing home for you or your family member

Published: 18.3.2021 10.52Updated: 8.10.2021 12.13

When the time comes when living at home is no longer the best option for the well-being of an elderly person, their relatives often start to search for a nursing home for their loved one. The new nursing home portal will facilitate the search, comparison and selection of a nursing home in Western Uusimaa. The nursing home portal will allow you to select the most suitable nursing home option either to yourself or to your family member. You can compare the nursing homes based on pictures and scores given by family members, for example.

More information, easier to choose

In Espoo, the nursing home portal has already been in use for a little over a year  ( During the spring, the nursing home portal will be transferred to a new address and extended to cover the entire Western Uusimaa. At the same time, the portal will be supplemented with more varied information about the nursing homes, including feedback from residents and family members, and monitoring reports. The goal is to facilitate the selection of a nursing home with all information gathered under one address.

“The advantage of the nursing home portal is that all information is available in one place and is easily accessible. When it is time to explore different nursing homes options, the portal makes it easy. It will include all the necessary information about the nursing homes to support the decision-making,” says Project Manager Salla Kälkäinen.

Showcasing work well done

Thus, in the future, the nursing home portal will show more extensively how satisfied the residents of the nursing homes or their family members are with the facility and what kind of monitoring reports are written about the nursing homes. This open assessment and feedback will also steer the work done at the nursing homes in the right direction as work well done will be made public to all through good scores and positive feedback. 

All of the new portal features will be available in May at the latest.

“The nursing home portal will become an open comparison and assessment service of nursing homes options for all Western Uusimaa residents,” says Kälkäinen.

The nursing home portal cannot be used to directly select or book a nursing home place, but the booking process will proceed through the social and health care personnel as before. Instead, the portal can be used to search for a suitable nursing home for you or your family member, and you can then request for placement in that home or, if there are no vacancies, you can wait for a place to became available. 

The new nurising home portal is a part of Western Uusimaa social and health services programme.

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