Western Uusimaa social and health services: Taste of things to come

Published: 22.1.2021 13.25Updated: 8.10.2021 12.24

We are developing the social and health services in Western Uusimaa in cooperation with residents and our personnel. Here is a little taste of things to come:

Mental health services for young people and adults

Mental health services will be enhanced with new service paths for both young people and adults. The goal is to ensure quick and easy access to services as well as the continuation of care. Each client will be offered services that are best suited to that particular client’s situation. The service range will be expanded with digital services – these will be offered to clients who can benefit from them. The current state of services will be determined during this spring, and pilots will be launched after the summer.

Nursing home portal

The nursing home portal will be expanded: For one year, Espoo has been deploying a nursing home portal (hoivakodit.espoo.fi), where long-term care clients have been able to select the most suitable alternative of the available public and private nursing home options. The nursing home portal will be renewed during 2021. In future, it will serve the residents of all Western Uusimaa municipalities and offer more information on the quality of services provided by the nursing homes. The renewed nursing home portal will show how satisfied current nursing home residents and their family members are and also communicate the results of control visits to the nursing homes.

Digital clinic

The digital clinic will be piloted in some of the Western Uusimaa municipalities in autumn 2021.

Family centres

Family centres will make all the services used by families with children easily available. Families will find under one roof guidance and advice, maternity and child health clinic services and, if needed, also the services provided by family counselling centres, family social work and child welfare. Family centres also function as meeting places for families with children. Remote appointments and other electronic services will also be made available as well as at-home services. Family centres are already in operation in Lohja, and the first family centre in Espoo will be opened in 2022.

Future health and social services centres

Future health and social services centres will offer health centre services, mental health and substance abuse services, social services and services for the elderly smoothly and easily. Digital services, face-to-face services and mobile services will be made available. In Espoo, health and social services centres are currently being planned in Espoonlahti (2024) and in Leppävaara (2025).

Client and patient information systems

The number of different client and patient information systems will be reduced. Western Uusimaa social and health services currently deploy 36 different client and patient information systems. The goal is to cut the number to 22 systems during 2022. Unification of client and patient information systems enhances services, opens new electronic services to clients, facilitates the maintenance of the systems and brings cost savings.

We will inform you of the advances in these services, in addition to others, during the year.

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