Environmental supervision of animal shelters

The keeping of horses may cause eutrophication of water systems and odour nuisance. Regulations concerning animal shelters can be found in, for example, Espoo’s environmental protection regulations. Environmental Supervision must be notified of, among other things, the establishment of a new horse stable and the storage of manure in windrows.

In Espoo, the majority of animal shelters are stables. They can cause nitrate emissions that increase the eutrophication of water systems

Animal shelters and the handling and storage of manure are regulated, for example, by the Nitrates Decree, i.e. the Government Decree on Limiting Certain Emissions from Agriculture and Horticulture.(extrernal link)Espoo’s environmental protection regulations(extrernal link)aim to prevent pollution related to stables, exercise yards and grazing, as well as the disposal and spreading of manure.   

The Espoo Environment and Building Control Department must be notified of starting horse stable activities. In addition, a notification must be submitted about storing manure in windrows and spreading manure in November.   

Kirsi Järvisalo

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