City planning in Leppävaara

Leppävaara is the third biggest public transport hub in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. It is also the largest and most active of Espoo’s centres with great connections all around the metropolitan area.

The planning area of detailed zoning in Leppävaara area includes the districts of Leppävaara, Lintuvaara, Kilo, Karakallio, Viherlaakso and Sepänkylä. 

Laaksolahti and Jupperi are parts of greater Leppävaara area, but their zoning is part of Northern Espoo.

Leppävaara is a versatile urban centre and traffic hub for trains, City Rail Link, buses and Jokeri Light Rail Line. Approximately one kilometre away from the station, you can find both the Vermo Race Track and Leppävaara Sports Park. The heart of the centre will slowly be developed into a more harmonious whole based on a 2022 idea competition.

Kera is one of the most important development areas in Leppävaara. The old industrial and logistics area around the upcoming City Rail Link station will be transformed into an urban centre oriented towards walking and cycling.

The most significant plans in the area

If you have questions in regard to city planning in the area, please contact the Detailed Planning Engineer or the Area Architect.

Sari Metsälä

Detailed Planning Engineer+358 46 8772772Tekniikantie 15, Otaniemi

Tiina Piironen

Area Architect, Detailed planning+358 43 8246897Tekniikantie 15, Otaniemi

Kati Kivelä

Architect, Detailed planning+358 40 6368433Tekniikantie 15, Otaniemi

Jenni Mikkola

Architect, Detailed planning+358 43 8252864Tekniikantie 15, Otaniemi

Veera Kivelä

Architect, Town Planning+358 40 6393263Tekniikantie 15, Otaniemi

Ina Westerlund

Landscape Architect+358 40 6369256Tekniikantie 15, Otaniemi

Ville Keskisaari

Transportation Engineer, Traffic and transportation planning for detailed plans+358 40 6369903Tekniikantie 15, Otaniemi

Tarja Pennanen

Planning Manager, Traffic and transportation planning for detailed plans+358 46 8773002Tekniikantie 15, Otaniemi