City events and festivals

Espoo offers a wide variety of festivals and urban events – from music to film and urban culture

City Events Espoo

Art and culture spread across the city, creating unique encounters and experiences. The City Events team produces and coordinates both major events and art projects, and acts as a production partner for other event organizers.

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Espoo Day

Espoo Day is a celebration for all Espoo residents. During the Day, the city is full of events that are free of charge and open to all. The Espoo Day events are organised by locals, communities, companies and various other operators. We invite all residents to join in on the celebrations!

Read more about Espoo Day at espoopäivä.fi(external link).

April Jazz

April Jazz is one of the largest jazz festivals in Finland. It has been held in Espoo every April since 1987.

Website of April Jazz(external link)

Espoo Ciné

Espoo Ciné is one of the largest film festivals in Finland. Over the years, Espoo Ciné has become an essential presenter of new European cinema in Finland. At the festival, you can see the most fascinating new films both from established auteurs and new talent. The event pays special attention to women as filmmakers.

Website of Espoo Ciné(external link)


The roots of the JuuriJuhla-RotFest festival are in Espoo folk music. However, the festival’s branches also reach towards new musical winds from around the world. Both Espoo-based folk musicians and other top Finnish folk musicians, many of whom have received international recognition, take the stage at JuuriJuhla.

Website of JuuriJuhla(external link)

Organ Night & Aria

At the unique late-night concerts of the Organ Night & Aria festival, you can enjoy diverse high-quality programme throughout the summer in Espoo’s medieval stone church (Espoo Cathedral). Top performers of vocal, organ, chamber and orchestral music create unforgettable experiences during atmospheric summer nights in the middle of the historical cultural heritage landscape.

Website of Organ Night & Aria(external link)


The biennial PianoEspoo festival presents piano music in all of its richness. The festival was held for the first time in 1991 on the initiative of Espoo Cultural Centre, and since then, it has spread beyond the Cultural Centre to other concert halls in the Metropolitan Area. Over the years, PianoEspoo has established itself as one of the most significant events focused on classical piano music in Finland. 

Website of PianoEspoo(external link)


The biennial Vocal Espoo presents the spectrum of vocal music in its many forms. As an instrument, the human voice is extremely versatile, and its richness is celebrated at the festival through choral, ensemble and solo concerts. The festival programme focuses on all kinds of music where the human voice plays a central role, regardless of genre.

Website of VocalEspoo(external link)