Before comprehensive school, children must attend one year of pre-primary education or some other activity where the goals of pre-primary education can be achieved. Pre-primary education for children born in 2017 begins in Espoo on 10 August 2023.

Enrolment for pre-primary education in the 2023–2024 school year takes place on 10–20 January 2023. The enrolment is made with an electronic application on the eVaka service at link). Log into the service by identifying yourself through, which requires online banking codes or a mobile ID. In order to enrol your child in pre-primary education, you must identify yourself even if you already have an existing eVaka user ID for early childhood education.

In exceptional situations, you can enrol your child to pre-primary education by submitting a paper application (if, for example, you do not have a personal identity code or online banking credentials).

Decisions for the pre-primary education beginning in the autumn 2023 will be made starting from 24.3.2023. The guardian will receive the decession through the link) service. We recommend taking into use also the message service of -website. This way the guardian will get the information also there.

Please note that applications submitted after the application period will be processed as secondary applications.

Application for the current term and after the application period

If the family’s place of residence changes or there is another special reason, it is possible to apply for pre-primary education after the end of the application period.


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The service guidance team gives families advice on how to apply for early childhood education and on matters related to childcare allowances.